Organizing Your Apartment Bedroom

Organize your apartment bedroomOrganizing your apartment bedroom can help you feel more comfortable at home. After all, it’s the place you go to get rest. And if you have roommates, your bedroom probably serves quite a few more functions — it might also be your home office, or even your dining room. Though it’s tempting to stuff things under the bed or in the closet just to get them out of the way, taking time to tidy up is so worth it. Read on for a few ways to help get you started with organizing your apartment bedroom.

Arrange and Rearrange

Figure out the best place for your furniture. This can be tricky if your bedroom needs to house your desk, dresser and bed, but don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture until it feels right. Experiment with angling pieces of furniture, too. Ask a friend or roommate for help — besides assisting with any heavy-lifting, they might have great ideas for furniture placement.

Find a Place for Everything

Yep, even that random, lonely sock needs a place to go. Take inventory of what you have, and figure out logical storage places. If necessary, think about buying items that’ll make this easier. For example, underbed storage boxes are inexpensive and can be perfect for keeping your bedding, towels and even extra clothing. Also, a hanging shoe organizer (available for less than $20 at most home stores) put up in your closet doesn’t have to only hold shoes — you can put accessories or folded clothes on each little shelf, or use it to hold light boxes of supplies. Best of all, you can take it with you to your next apartment. Once you’ve found a place for everything, it’ll be so much easier to stay organized.

Don’t Neglect Your Closet

Big or small, a closet is a huge help when it comes to organizing and keeping your bedroom tidy. Hang up clothes after you finish the laundry, and place a hamper in the closet to keep all of your soiled clothes in one place.

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