Questions To Consider When Leasing An Apartment For Seniors

SeniorsTop 5 Questions Senior Citizens Should Ask Before Leasing An Apartment

Seniors have special needs that should be considered when looking to find their next apartment. Whether you’re a senior looking to find your dream one bedroom apartment or you’re looking to find an apartment for an elderly parent or relative, we at ApartmentSearch encourage you to ask these 5 questions before committing to a new home.

Is the Apartment Easy to Access?

Seniors with limited mobility will need to be able to easily gain access to their apartment, either by having a ground level property or renting in a community with plenty of reliable elevators. Even if mobility isn’t a present problem, it may be something that could arise in the future and thus is worth considering before committing to a new home.

Is the Apartment Staff Responsive?

As you visit apartment communities, take note of how responsive the staff is. Do they consistently answer the phone when called? Are they quick to address emails? Do they offer around-the-clock maintenance care? For many seniors, having help nearby is paramount – and part of that is having staff that is quick to respond to resident requests.

How Close is the Apartment to Doctors and Hospitals?

End of life care is also tied to health care. Be sure to look into where the nearest hospitals are and also approximate how long a drive to current health care physicians might be.

What Amenities Are Included?

Elderly individuals often live on a fixed income. Be sure to ask your new apartment community what amenities are taken care of by rent and, if possible, ask what the estimated costs of amenities not covered by the complex are month to month. Often, apartment communities can at least give an approximate answer that allow seniors to better budget their monthly costs.

What Transportation Is Available?

Even if apartment complexes aren’t designed with transportation options for elderly residents, they should be close to bus routes or have relationships with vanpools. Inquire about how close the apartment is to public transit or other ride-sharing options.

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