Redesigning an Apartment with Kids in Mind

ApartmentSearch_Kid-AprtmentWhether you’re expecting a baby or are in need of a redesign now that your infant is growing older, there are plenty of things you can do to make your apartment more kid-friendly. From furniture changes to finding a whole new apartment, think about these things as you start to redesign a family-friendly apartment.

Start with the floors.

After all, this is where your baby will be spending the most time—and consequently, so will you. Invest in a good, easy-to-use vacuum if you don’t have one already; get comfy, stain-resistant rugs for the living room and bedroom; and consider putting a few floor pillows down for your own comfort when it’s time to play.

Think outside the apartment.

Since many apartments don’t have a private yard or patio, you can always take advantage of your apartment’s playground or other communal area.

Open up the space.

This is both safer and more fun for your child, who will be crawling, running, and playing before you know it. Create an open floor plan that will minimize the number of sharp furniture corners and maximize playing space. With an open furniture arrangement, you’ll also be better able to monitor your child from nearby or in the next room.

Evaluate the size of your apartment.

How small is too small when it comes to having kids in an apartment that’s short on square footage? The answer to this question really comes down to personal preference and what’s available to you. If you are able to find an apartment with two bedrooms at a great rate while your child is young, go for it! If not, small apartment living (think 400 sq. ft.) works for plenty of families for at least a few years. When it comes down to it, however, it doesn’t matter what works for other families; it only matters what works for yours.

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