Small Apartment Living: Dinner Parties

An array of dishes on a white tablecloth set up for a party. Hosting your first dinner party is a fantastic way to show off that beautiful new apartment. While it might seem like a challenge to host festive gatherings in small apartments, some simple preparation and planning will lead to a lovely experience for your guests and yourself.

We all know food is only part of the reason that family and friends flock to wonderful dinner parties. You want time to visit with your guests, and for most of us, spending the evening hunched over the kitchen stove while guests mingle is not the ideal way to host a gathering. The best methods for creating a fun apartment dinner party focus on the simple stuff. Uncomplicated meals, pre-made food items or even having your dinner catered by a local restaurant means you spend less time distracted and more time visiting with and enjoying your guests.

For guests who don’t plan on staying for an entire meal or those who are hungry right away, hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods are trouble-free, satisfying and look elegant. Placing pre-made beverages on a breakfast nook will provide easy access for guests, easing traffic congestion in the kitchen as well.

Apartment living typically means limited space. However, that should not deter you from inviting friends, family and even neighbors to your fabulous dinner party. You might be surprised at how much area opens up when you rearrange or remove excess furniture such as small tables and lamps. If seating is in short supply, renting furniture is great choice for ensuring guests have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the festivities. An apartment patio or balcony will also extend the reach of potential space limitations, giving guests an alternative area to sit or stand.

Of course, having too many guests at a dinner party can be troublesome, regardless of the size of your home; therefore, be sure to send out invitations ahead of time and ask for RSVP’s so you will know exactly how much food, drink and seating is necessary. With these simple tips, your first apartment dinner party can be a fantastic and fun reward for all of your hard work after you find an apartment thats perfectly suited to your needs.