A small apartment with an open floor plan featuring a seating area with a couch and a dining area.There are positive and negative sides to everything, including small apartment living. If you are considering moving into a smaller apartment, the transition might sound scary. But it’s all about getting into the right mindset and planning ahead for the move. You will be forced to throw away or donate a lot of old stuff you’ve been holding on to over the years, and it’s likely you’ll end up feeling good about that. With strategic space planning and consistent de-cluttering efforts, you can enjoy the maximum living and storage space your new apartment has to offer.

Some people are pack rats, and it can be tough to shake those habits. But consider the benefits of a de-cluttered home and mind. When you keep around only the essentials, or things you have used within the past year, life will feel simpler. It can be very cathartic to go through old possessions like clothing, home decorations and electronic gadgets, and choose to get rid of unneeded items. You may even be able to sell a few things (via the internet, yard sale or consignment store) for some extra cash! Speaking of money, that’s the most obvious benefit of small apartment living. Your space my be smaller, but so will your utility bills and rent.

It makes sense for people to downsize to smaller apartments due to lifestyle changes or for financial reasons. Over the last three decades, American homes and apartments have only gotten bigger. But recently, particularly with the onset of “green” living initiatives, an increasing number of Americans are choosing more modest lifestyles. After all, did you really need that spare bedroom in your last home? Apartment living has its limitations, but there are plenty of conveniences and benefits to balance that out.

Remember to start purging those inessential items well before the move. That way you can move into the new place with fewer boxes to begin with. As you unpack in the new place, there’s a good chance you’ll decide to toss even more. Moving apartments means a new opportunity to de-clutter and organize your life. When you’re comfortable and at peace with your surroundings, that feeling will extend to other areas of your life, including general mental health.

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