Solution to the College Roommate Disaster

Roommates Having a FightThe day has finally arrived. You just moved back to college and into your new student housing apartment. Summer is over and you are gearing up for an action-packed semester. However, the worst-case scenario has come true: you have discovered that one of your roommates is also your worst nightmare. You definitely cannot live like this until December. So what can you do? Use these tips to wake up from the nightmare and into a happier apartment life for the fall semester.

Can the Problems be Resolved?

In many cases, the challenges of a bad roommate are ones of perception. People from different experiences and backgrounds than you often make completely different lifestyle choices. Many times, a meeting of the minds and a discussion about each other’s expectations can provide a mutually beneficial solution. Get everyone in the apartment involved and keep the tone of the discussion light. No one wants to feel confronted.

Can Property Management Help?

Sometimes, all the peaceful negotiation in the world cannot solve the lousy roommate predicament. In certain cases, it may be time to enlist the help of your property management team. Now, they are not there to babysit if your roommate is just not doing their share of the dishes. But, if things are bad enough to disturb your basic rights as a resident, then the best solution may be to procure the help. These circumstances would include anything that has to do with safety, issues with controlled substances, or even an unending 24/7 party coming from their room. If talking cannot fix the situation, then the next step is to enlist the help of management.

Time to Move On to a Different Apartment

When the problems become overwhelming and seem to have no obtainable solution, then it may be time to start looking for a different living situation. First, work with your property management team to see if there is another opening on site. They are committed to your well-being and – particularly when the situation and resolution attempts are well-documented – they are often happy to assist where they can. If nothing is available at your current apartment community, a nearby sister community may have an opening.

When all else fails, the community will sometimes let you out of your lease and give you the opportunity to find another apartment. This is time to consider moving into a better solution off-campus. Many traditional apartment communities cater to students while offering the benefits of a more adult lifestyle. By going to you are able to select from dozens of apartment listings around your campus. While there you can compare the benefits of each community in order to select the best option to fulfill your need. When you move in, remember to tell your apartment community that you found them on You could earn up to $200 in rewards and that goes a long way to making your new apartment feel like home.