Be a Good Neighbor: Soundproof Your Apartment

Home Audio and Video EquipmentNoisy neighbors are a common complaint for apartment tenants. However, if you complain about your noisy neighbor, it’s likely that they say the same thing about you from time to time. Even if you have carpet flooring, sometimes you need to take additional steps to keep your apartment soundproof. If you tend to listen to a lot of loud music or play motion related video games, it might be essential for you to limit your sound and stay on your neighbor’s good side. Here are a few tips on keeping the noise level down in your apartment:

  1. Limit ambient noises. All the electronics plugged into walls add to the overall ambient noise level in your home. So make sure to turn off and unplug any electronics you aren’t currently using, which will also save your money on electric bills. Additionally, some apartments have a tendency to vibrate a little, which will cause glasses in the cabinet to shake against one another if they are touching.
  2. Keep your apartment full. This doesn’t mean packing it to the ceiling, but apartments with more furniture will absorb more sound. If your apartment furniture is pretty sparse the sound will echo more. Consider adding more pieces like a padded ottoman or area rugs. Plus, these additions will make it feel more like a home.
  3. Evaluate speaker and sound system placements. Did you know that a lot of subwoofers have speakers on the bottom? This could mean serious neighbor tension if you live upstairs and play a lot of music. Rearrange your television and speakers so that they are on a wall you don’t share with someone else. Additionally, speakers placed farther from intended listening space will have to be turned up higher, so move them closer to where you’ll actually hear them.
  4. Decorate your apartment. This sounds too good to be true, but adding dimension to your walls will keep the sound from bouncing off as much. Remember, the more padding the better! So go ahead and put that corkboard up in the kitchen or fill the bookshelf with lots of books. Fabric covered wall art is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate that also reduces noise.

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