Make it Rain with These Temporary Spring Break Jobs

Are you staying in town for spring break? Stop mindlessly swiping through your friend’s tropical social media stories, and instead take this time to turn your FOMO into mo’ money! While your friends drain their accounts, why not cushion yours? Save up for next year’s trip to Cancun with these spring break jobs.

Camp Counselor

Camp isn’t just a summer thing! Local art studios, schools, gym, and libraries often host weeklong programs for spring break. For parents who have to work over their child’s vacation, this is the perfect solution – and one of your best ways to make money over spring break.

Checking local camp websites is a great place to start looking for these types of opportunities, as well as the “seasonal” or “temporary” pages on employment websites. You can also look for advertised programs and camps, and email your resume straight to the person in charge.

Seasonal Help

Is your town a spring break destination, with amazing sights, music festivals, and tourist attractions? If your city gets a significant influx of visitors during spring break, popular local businesses will be looking for extra help in a variety of roles, from working the front desks to running a cash register to bartending to cleaning up. Check local employment websites, social media pages, and bulletin boards to scout out these opportunities, and don’t hesitate to ask for applications at places you know get wildly busy.

Babysitting & Pet Sitting

It can be harder to find a short-term 9-to-5 gig if you don’t live somewhere that gets tourists over spring break, but you can typically find babysitting and pet sitting opportunities anywhere.

With so many kids out of school, there are a ton of families who need childcare. Additionally, families that go on vacation often need someone to watch their furry friends! For you, their need is a business opportunity! Post a profile on websites like or Wag and advertise your services via friends and neighbors to help you land a gig.

Event Staffing

Many cities take advantage of the beautiful weather and time off school, hosting special events for spring breakers. With these events come plenty of jobs! Keep your eyes peeled for events like music and film festivals, concerts in the park, charity galas, as they always require temporary workers to set up, take tickets, serve food, and so on.

To find these sorts of opportunities, make sure to check job search engines and venue websites regularly. If you want to work a specific event, try reaching out to an organizer directly!

Gardening & Landscaping

Winter is over, the urge to spring clean is in the air, and everyone is getting the yard ready for summer. Accordingly, many landscaping companies will hire seasonal help to handle the increased number of customers!

If you don’t mind a little bit of manual labor and know your way around a lawnmower — you can spend your spring break helping one of these landscaping companies. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors (or manual labor), many gardening and landscaping companies need office workers during the spring, as well.

Ride-Sharing/Food Delivery

If you’ve got a car that’s in good condition and you don’t mind driving, spring break is a great time to make some extra cash through ride sharing or food delivery gigs. Services like Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Postmates, and Grubhub make it easy to sign up via their websites and start making money in no time.

While these are just a few of the most common temporary spring break jobs available, they certainly aren’t all of them! Before winter rolls into spring, make it a habit to regularly check job search engines like Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired, as well as local social media pages, for these seasonal opportunities. Apply early to anything that interests you, so you don’t miss your shot at spring break bucks!

Don’t let staying home for spring break get you down. Instead, view it as a financial opportunity, and the chance to try your hand at a new job! (It’s also the perfect time to finish your spring-cleaning!) Follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter for more great information for renters!

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