Staying Warm In Chilly Apartments

Furnished bedroomIt’s that time of year when plunging temperatures outside can make even the coziest apartments feel chilly. And for many of us, the threat of a high energy bill at the end of the month is even scarier than the weather. Luckily, there are some simple practices that can help keep you warm at home without having to blast the central heat constantly. But do make sure your furnace or central air filter is changed regularly. When it becomes dirty after prolonged use, your unit will have to work harder than ever to keep the heat flowing. This increases heating costs, especially on occasions when you do need to flip that switch to full blast.

Take matters into your own hands with some weather-proofing for apartments. Add rugs to areas with tiled or cement flooring, which (as you’re likely aware) become absolutely frigid over cold nights. Do a walk-through of the apartment and check for drafts coming in through leaky windows and doors. Consider taping around windows or stuffing a towel under a drafty door. Ask your apartment management if maintenance can come in to add weather stripping in your unit, or find out if you’re allowed to do it yourself.

Why heat the entire apartment when you’ll primarily be in one or two rooms to hang out and sleep? Invest in a space heater so you can leave your central or window units off and focus the heat more efficiently in one area. Similarly, electric blankets are an awesome option for staying warm in bed at night. Both options are all-around energy savers that target heat where you need it most.

One creative option in sunnier locations is to fling open the curtains and leave windows uncovered during the  day. The sunlight will bathe apartments in warmth that should help keep the daytime energy use down until the darker, colder hours. In tandem with this, of course, make sure the thermostat is set to a lower power during the day.

Stay bundled up in layers of clothes or pajamas and piles of blankets, and apartments in even the coldest cities (such as Seattle apartments) can still feel warm the way a home should. Hoping to avoid the freezing climates this winter? Check out Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartments, or Austin apartments in these more temperate cities and many more across the land! We make it easy to find an apartment.