Summer Pet Care Best Practices

Summer Pet CareNow that summer has officially started, we can look forward to pool parties, barbeques, and all the other festivities that come with season. While we spend long days in the sunny outdoors with furry friends, it’s important to remember hot temperatures mean different pet care practices. Here are a few of major pet considerations:

Keep Pets Hydrated

Hot temperatures can cause pets to get dehydrated very quickly. In order to avoid dehydration, make sure all outdoor pets have plenty of fresh, clean water. It’s also important to ensure there is plenty of shade so your pets can get out of the sun during especially hot days. Additionally, be careful of overheating your pet through excessive exercise outside.

Never Leave Pets In The Car

Just like humans, animals should never be left unattended in parked car. In fact, several states prohibit leaving animals inside a confined vehicle. Even with the windows rolled down, car interiors can reach upwards of 120 degrees, leaving your pet at risk for heatstroke and brain damage.

Cool Summer Hair Styles

While it may be tempting to shave your dog (or even your cat) during the summer, doing so could put them at risk for other complications. Hair coat layers actually protect your pets from sunburns and overheating. With dogs, it is acceptable to trim back some of the longer, winter coat. Cats on the other hand only require a few extra brushings to combat overheating.

Have Your Vet Check For Health Concerns

As summer approaches, we highly recommend taking Fido or Fluffy to the vet before the heat rises too much. Hot temperatures could cause some health conditions to worsen as well as create new health concerns. Pay close attention to your animal’s behavior for symptoms such as difficulty breathing, mild weakness, excessive drooling, and even seizures as these may be signs of heat stroke.

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