Top 5 Reasons to be Thankful for Living in Apartments

group of frAs we near Thanksgiving, those of us who live in apartments have a few extra things to be grateful for. We reflect on how great life is when we are not burdened by a home mortgage – in addition to hefty monthly expenses that include utilities, home maintenance and repairs as well as yard upkeep. In addition to cost savings, there are many additional things to be grateful for when you live in an apartment versus a home.

Top 5 Reasons we are Thankful for Apartments

  1. Convenience: When your heat isn’t working or your stove breaks, you simply call the leasing office and maintenance shows up at your door to fix it for you. In a home, the time and expense of these problems falls squarely on your shoulders. To top it off, when apartment residents get a day off from work or school, they can relax and do the things they love. In a house, weekends are often devoted to mowing the yard, cleaning the garage and fixing items that need to be repaired.
  2. Luxurious and high-tech amenities. Apartments are offering more unique and luxurious amenities than in the past and these are often items that apartment residents would not be able to afford as homeowners. For example, apartments’ magnificent fitness centers are on par or better than gyms that residents would pay a monthly membership for. Many apartment communities also offer beautiful pools, movie rooms, yoga rooms, cyber cafes and coffee shops. Other high-tech amenities include Bluetooth surround sound, wireless phone charging stations and email or text alerts when your packages are delivered to the office.
  3. Walkability and easy transportation. Many Baby Boomers, Millennials and others are choosing to live in urban apartments so they can bike or walk to work, use public transportation and walk to restaurants and shopping. They not only feel healthier and happier, but they also help the environment and their pocketbook by living in apartments that are close to the places they want to visit.
  4. Social life. Apartments offer greater social opportunities than living in a home. The mere proximity to neighbors leads to conversations in hallways and outdoors while walking dogs and sitting by the pool. In addition, most communities offer monthly parties and events that allow residents to hang out with each other, as well as spend time with family and friends. Plus, parents can often find babysitters within apartment communities, which allows them to enjoy a social night out.
  5. When you have to move across town or across the country for work or personal situations, you want to live in an apartment. In a home, you face the overwhelming challenge of selling your home— especially if you trying to sell when the housing market is down. In an apartment, you most likely will be able to move sooner – and the move will go smoother. You don’t have to worry about making upgrades to your home before selling, for example. You simply pack up and go.

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