Top Tips For Small Apartment Living

A white leather couch is propped against a wooden wardrobe to illustrate that these two large furniture items cannot both fit in a small apartment space.Our friends over at green design blog Re-Nest compiled a list of their top 25 small apartment living strategies for maximizing space, getting organized and de-cluttering. Many of these ideas were contributed by blog readers who have plenty of real experience living and decorating in smaller homes. We’d like to share and discuss a few of our favorites from the list.

The idea of installing wall-mounted shelves might sound scary to those of us who aren’t exactly skilled at handyman activities, or those who aren’t planning to stay in a current apartment for long. But if it makes sense for your situation, you would be amazed at what shelves can do in apartments. Install them above furniture, doorways, or in those particularly cluttered areas that you tend to have a hard time keeping clean. With your stuff off the floor and off countertops or furniture, an illusion of spaciousness is achieved.

On that note, choose furniture with legs that provide at least a little bit of  floor clearance for open air flow. Also try hanging various-sized cup hooks anywhere you can think of to help keep things off the counters and floor. We also love the idea of removing doors (even cabinet and pantry doors) for an open layout. You can always opt for curtains where privacy is needed.

Here at the apartment living blog, we’re always telling our readers to get rid of possessions they no longer use, need or love. De-cluttering isn’t the only way to make your living situation the best it can be, but it’s an important step toward that. Getting organized is a whole lot easier when you have a manageable amount of stuff to work with. Before you do buy something new, be discerning and think about where it will physically fit into the scheme of your apartment.

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