Top Tips for Toasty Apartments

apartmentsApartments with architectural details such as high ceilings, interior arches, or leaded-glass windows can be brimming with character. But those apartments are usually found in older buildings, which are often poorly insulated. Add leaky, single-paned windows to the equation, and the price of apartments with vintage charm may be high heating bills when the weather turns chilly.

If the apartments you love are aging beauties, don’t worry. There are easy ways to prepare apartments for cold weather that can help them be snug and energy-efficient.

  • Use window coverings. Sure, apartments with big windows get tons of light. But those same windows may be an escape route for expensive heat. Hang lined drapes, or add a lining or insulation to existing curtains. Or since apartments are a great place to unleash your creativity, get out your favorite quilts or blankets, sew loops to the top, and hang those.
  • Caulk. Apartments with cracks around the window frames are guaranteed to lose lots of warm air. Check around your windows, and use paintable latex caulk to fill any gaps. You can also buy temporary caulk to seal the sashes to the frame. That will mean you can’t open the windows, but it’s easy to remove the caulk when the weather warms up.
  • Add weather stripping. Apartments that don’t have weather stripping around the doors and windows can really benefit from this inexpensive fix. Most home improvement stores sell self-adhesive felt or foam strips that will cut down on air loss around leaky windows and doors. Or again, if you like to add some personality to your apartments, go the creative route: Fill colorful socks or stockings with beans or rice, tie or stitch the ends, and lay them along the windowsills.
  • Use window film. Another quick fix for apartments with drafty windows is plastic film. You can buy window-sealing kits that come with double-sided tape and shrinkable plastic. Put the tape around the end of the window frame, then apply the sheet of film and use a hairdryer to shrink it tight. This creates the effect of double-paned glass, providing good insulation while being practically invisible.

Of course, these tips will be most useful in apartments in regions that get severe cold weather. But even apartments in generally temperate areas such as  Dallas ApartmentsAustin Apartments, or Seattle Apartments can be more comfortable (and affordable) if you employ these ideas. And the same strategies can be used in Phoenix apartments to keep them cooler in hot weather.

Whatever the season, when you’re ready to find an apartment that suits your taste, whether it’s ultra-modern or classic Victorian, we’re here to help. We’ll even give you up to $200 in Renters’ Rewards when you find your apartment through us.