Apartment Living: Secure Your Apartment Before Traveling

suitcase resting on a bed

Foremost, it is important to make sure that your apartment is safe from accidents. Before you leave you apartment check all faucets (during freezes in winter it may be wise to leave a drip running), turn off all light switches, check the stove, and scan the surroundings of electrical outlets. An extra safe step: clean each room. Take stock of items that may need to be stowed away and safety hazards that can be avoided. At bare minimum, take out your trash, do your dishes and seal all non-perishables. Pests and rodents are real risks. Especially in a warm, dark, empty apartments.

Cleaning your apartment living quarters comes with an added bonus of coming home to serenity after the stresses of travel. Conserving energy can also alleviate some travel induced stress. Saving energy saves money in your pocketbook! Do not get charged for energy services that you aren’t using! Be sure to shut the blinds, move plants to one window sill if possible, turn off (or up) the air conditioning, and unplug all cords and power strips. Not only does this also add another element of safety, it saves the planet!

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