Emergency Supply Kit For Apartments

ApartmentSearch_Emergency-KitThe old adage, “April showers bring May flowers” doesn’t account for when those April showers get out of hand. Unfortunately, many of the country’s worst storms happen during the spring and can sometimes lead to flash flooding, steady downpours, and electrical outages. Bad weather that creates a power outage is no fun but it can also quickly escalate to more dire straights if your emergency kit was never stocked. At ApartmentSearch, we think being prepared is the best policy. Here are the emergency supplies to keep on hand year ’round.

Bottled Water

When power goes out, water filtration systems may not be functioning at their full capacity. To make sure the water you are using to drink, cook, and clean with is safe, purchase bottled water in advance. By keeping a gallon or two on hand, you’ll be able to stay safely hydrated throughout the storm’s duration. If you have pets, make sure you also allocate enough water for Fido and Fluffy too!

Batteries & A Flashlight

This may sound like an old-school inclusion, but having batteries and a flashlight on hand can keep you literally and figuratively out of the dark in the event of a natural disaster. Keep the batteries and flashlight readily available. For example, studio apartment residents might keep theirs tucked in the kitchen or bathrooms cabinets.

Non-Perishable Food Items

Many pantry items will be insufficient in a natural disaster or storm that includes power outages. Be sure to keep non-perishable food items like granola bars, whole gain cereals, or salt-free crackers in your cupboards. Even items like baked beans or canned fruits that can be eaten without heating are a great addition to your emergency supply kit. Be sure to stock enough food to last for at least 72 hours and don’t forget a can opener if your food requires one!

Do you have an emergency supply kit? Think we missed a key emergency item? Visit ApartmentSearch.com’s Twitter to let us know!