Fireplace in Your Apartment? Safety Is Key

apartment safetyWhat could be nicer on a cold winter evening than a crackling fire? Most apartments unfortunately do not have that beautiful, warm and toasty fireplace. But if you are one of the few that have a working fireplace in your apartment, count yourself lucky. Your landlord should ensure that the chimney is working order. But inside the apartment, safety of operation is in your hands. Here are some tips to maintain apartment safety when you have a fireplace.

Make sure smoke alarms are in working order. Smoke alarms are vital to apartment safety. Check them once a month, and replace batteries at least once a year.

Use a mesh screen. For apartment safety, keep the screen closed when a fire is lit. If the fireplace doesn’t have a built-in screen, get one that completely covers the front of the fireplace. This will keep sparks from popping out and igniting nearby materials.

Keep the fireplace area clear. This is another important apartment safety tip. Anything flammable such as paper, furniture, rugs, and wood should be kept at least 3 feet from the fireplace.

Never start a fire with gas or other flammable liquids. Flammable liquids release vapors that can explode, endangering your apartment safety.

Have a fire extinguisher on hand. This device helps to ensure your apartment safety. If an extinguisher is not present, ask your landlord to provide one or purchase your own.

Use the damper correctly. For apartment safety, be sure the damper is open when you start a fire. Close the damper when the fireplace is not in use.

Be careful what you burn. Your apartment safety depends on it. For example, do not burn a green Christmas tree, which can throw off lots of sparks and cause a chimney fire. If you burn newspapers, remove the color sections—they can release toxic gases when burned.

Never leave a fire unattended. Extinguish a fire before you go to bed or leave your apartment. Safety precautions like this can help protect you and your belongings.

Practice good fireplace apartment safety, and you’ll be able to enjoy those cozy fires on chilly nights without worry.

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