Small Apartment Pets Make Great Companions

Small Pets as Apartment Mates

Small Apartment Pets Make Great Companions

Small pets are often the perfect choice for an apartment lifestyle. There are several reasons that you might want to consider a small pet versus a dog or cat. Maybe your apartment complex doesn’t allow regular pets like dogs and cats or your apartment is too small to have a larger pet. Maybe you aren’t in your apartment enough during the day to care for a regular pet.

These reasons, however, may not apply to small pets; and these pets can be just as rewarding as their larger friends.

Small Pets in your Apartment?

Before you even begin looking for a small pet to keep you company in your small apartment, you might want to stop by the leasing office and check on the rules for small pets. Your apartment lease may state that dogs and cats are or are not allowed, but more than likely, it doesn’t mention anything about a sugar glider, a guinea pig, or any other small pet.

Once you have found out your apartment’s small pet policy, you can begin your search of the some of the most fascinating animals.

Apartment Friendly Small Pets

Some of the best small pets for an apartment are the ones that are perfectly at home in a cage. Not to mention, if the pet is in a cage all day, it probably isn’t going to chew on your furniture when you aren’t at home.