Moving to the Motor City: A Guide to Detroit, MI  

Detroit is a city full of rough-around-the-edges charm with a unique history. Anyone with a love of cars knows that Detroit is the absolute hub for American automobile innovation, and though motor engineering is no longer the primary economic driver for Detroit, the city’s longstanding relationship with cars has earned it the nickname the Motor City. And the Motor City has come to life with a new arts and culinary scene as big business has found new cities to call home. If you’re looking for an apartment in Detroit, here are some of the major cultural hubs that could be your new neighbor.

Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

The DIA, renovated as recently as 2008, has long been the crown jewel in Detroit’s artistic community. With The Diego Rivera court and hundreds of works from the 19th-century American, French, and Dutch painters, it’s a collection that demands your attention.

Brush Park

Located due south of Detroit’s cultural center is Brush Park. The Brush Park area used to house some of the city’s wealthiest lumber barons before they left the city’s center for suburbs. However, many of their original mansions are still on display for curious visitors.


A simple name for a beautiful boutique, Goods carries handmade merchandise from local artists and designers who call Detroit home. If you’re looking for a custom project, Goods also takes on made-to-order fabrications. this boutique is a great place to start if you want to make your apartment in Detroit feel distinctly yours.

Motor City Brew Works

Cars aren’t the only thing this city does right. Motor City Brew Works gives Detroit residents a taste of delicious hoppy craft brews, served up cold with a hot slice of pizza. It’s a great local joint with plenty of residential flavor.

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