Denver vs Seattle: Which City is Champion?

seattle denver city champions As the nation eagerly anticipates Super Bowl XLVIII, two cities in particular are on the edge of their seats: Seattle and Denver. But a lot more is on the line than just having a championship football team. Both of these cities are in a knockdown, drag out duel over which city is the best overall. Of course, each feels their city is superior to the other and will be happy to tell you about it. So here is a look at their debate and a chance to decide for yourself which team has the better city.


Things to do in Seattle

Visit Pikes Place Market

View the scenic outdoors such as Mt. Rainier

Enjoy the diverse music scene

Tour the SAM (Seattle Museum of Art)

Catch a game at CenturyLink Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks and the loudest stadium in the US)


Things to do in Denver

Hike in the Rocky Mountains

Catch a show at Red Rock Amphitheater

Attend the National Western Stock Show (every January)

Tour the Denver Mint

Visit Sports Authority Field (one mile in the air and home to the Denver Broncos)


Seattle Eats

Known for the seafood (especially Geoduck clams)

More coffee shops per capita than any other US city

The Seattle Dog

Dick’s Drive-In Burgers

Oh, and Starbucks. We invented that….you’re welcome


Denver Eats

The Cherry Cricket

Lots of local brewed craft beers

Birthplace of Chipotle

Casa Bonita (and yes, it is that amazing)

The Denver Chophouse


Seattle Lifestyle

Lots of parks and green spaces

Great place for cyclists

A mecca for nerds

Average of 37 inches of rain per year

Lots of drawbridges, which may slow you down


Denver Lifestyle

Lots of National Parks space

Need a bicycle? You can borrow one of ours

Number one destination city for millennials

The weather will keep you guessing

The city continues to try and keep up with the population boom


So who wins the debate? Both cities are home to some of the country’s most prestigious companies to work for as well as the businesses that support those employees. These cities both come alive at night and keep you active during the day. So if you want to make a move, make sure you consider either Denver or Seattle for your next home. Not only are they evenly matched for the upcoming Super Bowl, but their rivalry is evenly matched as well.