Residents’ Debate: Boston vs. Savannah for St. Patty’s Day

costumed dogs at st. patrick's day paradeBoston, Mass., and Savannah, Ga., are without a doubt the best places in the U.S. to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on March 16 and 17. But which city offers the best celebrations and boasts residents who get into the spirit of the holiday most? This is a tough one to call, since both cities go above and beyond to commemorate the holiday.

Bostonians have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day since, it seems, the beginning of time. During the American Revolutionary War, General John Henry Knox positioned 55 cannons on Dorchester Heights in Boston. Those who wished to pass through the Continental Army’s lines had to use the password, “St. Patrick”. That strong history and tradition is carried through to today, when many of Boston’s 637,000 residents come out to see the city’s annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade. The second largest parade in the U.S. is broadcast on national TV and draws around one million residents and visitors.

Of course, St. Patrick’s Day weekend is also a time for the city’s expansive Irish American population to celebrate their heritage. Boston claims the largest Irish population of any U.S. city at 20.4 percent of its overall population. Every year, the city’s numerous apartment residents can walk or drive to the parade – held on March 16 this year – knowing the best vantage points to watch and enjoy. After the parade, they can walk to one of the many Irish bars that Boston is known for, to celebrate the holiday. Then, they can simply walk home afterwards.

Savannah, meanwhile, has hosted Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations since 1824 and boasts a celebration that is known throughout the country, if not the world. Savannah’s historic St. Patrick’s Day Parade, held on March 17 every year, draws around 300,000 residents and visitors annually.

Savannah is most well known for “turning the river green” at its popular St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on the River. This event has grown into a huge music festival that draws many of Savannah’s 142,000 residents annually. The city’s apartment residents, especially those who live near River Street, have the added bonus of simply taking a short walk to one of the biggest – and most fun – festivals in the South.

As you can see, both cities are pretty evenly matched in this Battle of the Best St. Patrick’s Day Cities.  So if you want to live where you can get the most out of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, let help your relocation to either one of these “green” cities.