Battle of the Super Bowl Cities: Seattle vs. Boston

Football Helmet and BallAs the nation eagerly anticipates Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, two cities in particular are on the edge of their seats: Seattle and Boston. But a lot more is on the line than who will be crowned this year’s NFL champion. Both of these cities are in a knockdown, drag-out duel over which city is the best place to live. Both have rich histories and traditions, fun things to see and food that is loved around the country. Of course, the proud residents of both cities believe their hometown is superior. Here is a closer look at top amenities of both cities; decide for yourself which team has the better city.

Seattle Lifestyle

  • Great place for business, especially tech companies
  • Lots of parks and green spaces
  • Great place for cyclists
  • A mecca for academic minds

Boston Lifestyle

  • Home of the world-renowned Boston Marathon
  • Family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Fiercely proud of Irish heritage
  • We take our sports seriously…very seriously

Seattle Eats

  • Known for the seafood (especially Geoduck clams)
  • The home of Starbucks and more coffee shops per capita than any other US city
  • The Seattle Dog
  • Dick’s Drive-In Burgers

Boston Eats

  • Also known for seafood, especially New England Clam Chowder
  • The best pubs in the country
  • The antithesis of Starbucks. Dunkin’ Donuts rules here
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Cutty’s Roast Beef 1000 Sandwich

Things to do in Seattle

  • Visit the world-famous Pikes Place Market
  • View the scenic outdoors, such as Mt. Rainier
  • Enjoy the diverse music scene
  • Tour the SAM (Seattle Museum of Art)
  • Catch a game at CenturyLink Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks and the loudest stadium in the US)

Things to do in Boston

  • See the Red Sox play at the oldest ballpark in the U.S., Fenway Park
  • History is everything to us. Walk the Freedom Trail or visit patriotic graves.
  • Walk the North End neighborhood, a historic Italian neighborhood
  • Visit Boston Public Garden, famous for its swan boats and more than 600 types of trees
  • See the historic Boston Tea Party ships and museum.

So, which city gets the touchdown? At, we believe both cities are great places to live. So if you want to make a move, make sure you consider living in Boston or Seattle. will help you find the best place to live there, based on neighborhood, price, amenities and other factors. Plus, when you tell your new community that you found your, you can earn up to $200 in rewards. Score!