The Streamlined City Guide for Los Angeles

Downtown Los AngelesLos Angeles is a massive city to conquer, for newcomers and current residents alike. With its nearly 13 million residents sprawled across the larger metropolitan area, LA is a city bustling with people, businesses, entertainment, and so much more. It’s incredibly difficult to narrow down the city’s highlights but, with the entire team pitching in, we compiled some of the sights and experiences that make Los Angeles such a tremendous city to visit or even to live in.

The Getty Center

With its breathtaking view of the city and exquisite art collection, The Getty Center in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood (a great neighborhood for students and new residents looking for one bedroom apartments in LA) is a must-see. The Getty Center boasts many works from pre-20th century Europe like paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts but also has many activities for visitors outside of touring the galleries, namely musical acts that play in the Center’s courtyard or educational, hands-on projects for the kids.


Even if cartoon mice aren’t your “thing,” we have to say: there’s just no place quite like Disneyland. It is a landmark that has earned its moniker as the “happiest place on earth.” Take a day to trek up to Anaheim and witness this celebration of imagination for yourself. Our favorite rides are: the Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion.

The Hollywood Sign

The City of Angels is the birthplace of the American film industry and while there are many places to feel connected to the cinema’s great legacy (the Hollywood Walk of Fame or tour of Paramount studios, for example), the Hollywood sign perfectly encapsulates the grandeur and huge impact of the entertainment industry. Visitors can hike to the sign, located in the Hollywood neighborhood, or take a shuttle, but we recommend the hike; it gives you a chance to take in some of California’s natural climate while offering a truly spectacular view of the city. “Hooray for Hollywood” indeed.

Rodeo Drive

Adjacent to the Beverly Hills neighborhood, Rodeo Drive is home to some of LA’s most elite designer stores. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino? They’re all here. And while even if the street’s wares are out of your price range, Rodeo Drive offers visitors the opportunity to walk through one of the city’s older neighborhoods and is often the location for many a celebrity sighting.

Santa Monica Pier

Outside of the glamorous hustle and bustle of Los Angeles proper, Santa Monica’s Pier showcases the beautiful beaches and laid-back attitude that have come to define the state of California. The Santa Monica Pier has ocean views, carnival games and rides, and many restaurants on or around the pier that offer guests some beach-front dining. When we think of LA’s allure, it’s the Santa Monica neighborhood that helps make the city feel like home.

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