Top 5 Reasons Denver is Awesome  

Downtown Denver Skyline

This Colorado city in the mountains gets much praise for its culture, natural beauty, and activities. Why, exactly? Here are the top five reasons Denver is just really, really cool.

1. It’s smart

According to the New York Times, Denver’s population of young, educated people has increased 47% since 2000. Additionally, Forbes rated Denver as tied for No. 6 City Gaining the Most College Graduates. A combination of work and play attracts the young professional crowd that looks to start new careers in fun cities. Careers for young people are not something Denver is short of, either – its industries are booming in the high-density downtown area, particularly with technology and startups.

 2. It’s beautiful

Denver really is a mile high and the largest city in a vast region, making for quite spectacular scenery. Snowboarding, skiing and hiking are the obvious attractions for being situated in the mountains, but Denver boasts its natural qualities in many ways. It began one of the first large-scale municipal bike sharing system, and has amazing city parks. Even a walk from your apartment in Denver to downtown – there’s no way to not enjoy the beauty.

 3. Its beer

After working, hiking, or biking, Denverites love to enjoy a cold one. The beer scene goes far beyond the famous Coors brewery – there are over 40 local craft breweries in Denver, including the popular Great Divide Brewing Company and Denver Beer Co. To celebrate one of the city’s favorite enthusiasms, Denver hosts one of the largest beer events in the country, the Great American Beer Festival. If you like beer, it’ll take you months to try every kind that’s native to the Mile High City.

 4. It’s artsy (and hip)

The University of Colorado at Denver says that Denver receives more local funding for the arts per capita than any other U.S. city, and it seems to work for them. The Denver Performing Arts Complex is the second largest in America, with more than 8 theaters seating over 9,000 people. The complex along with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and the Denver Art Museum make for an incredibly refined culture with entertainment available frequently. And obviously, since Denverites donate so much money to public art, they’re pretty hip.

 5. It’s full of quirks

Denverites just wanna have fun, and they do so in unique ways. Between the Denver Zombie Crawl, the Chalk Art Festival, the Denver Gorilla Run, the Denver March Powwow, and the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, you’re likely to see strange, bizarre or funny things in your daily life. Just wait for one of these events, hang out on the 16th Street Mall, and have a good time.

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