The Fantasy Football of Apartment Amenities

Apartment TownhomesEveryone who is seeking a new apartment is looking for something special. For some, the desire for a better quality of life is driving them to seek an apartment upgrade. For others, life circumstances have created the need to upsize or downsize their living space. Some seek a better location, while others want better amenities. Some are even seeking a more affordable place to live.

In honor of the return of football season – as well as the annual Fantasy Football ritual – we would like to offer our top draft picks for the most desired apartment amenities:

Top Draft Pick – Location

There is an apartment out there for anyone. That also means that there is an apartment anywhere that is needed. Some people choose downtown living with great walkability. Some prefer an apartment in the suburbs, so that they can have more peace and live away from the hustle and bustle. But the one top location pick is an apartment closer to work. Americans waste an average of 520 hours a year (over 21 days of their life) on their daily commute between home and work. Having an apartment closer to the office gives you back the majority of this valuable time. Most of us are already working more hours than ever before. The time has come to allow us to get back as much free time as possible.

Round Two & Three –Size Matters

Is bigger better? Not always. For families that are growing or shrinking in size, apartment space is a focal point of their needs. Singles seeking a new apartment also focus heavily on the size of their future apartment. For some situations, bigger is better. These include expanding families, the need for a home office, and even more space for pets. But smaller can be a premium selection too. A smaller apartment allows for a life less filled with clutter. It also allows renters to save money on utilities. Every person has different needs. So for today’s apartment shopper, size matters.

Rounds Four through Nine – High Tech

Technology has driven a new revolution in the apartment market. From smart phones that open your front door, to Bluetooth technology interconnecting all of your appliances, technological advances in the apartment industry are ahead of single-family homes in many markets. At the hub is the much-talked-about “Internet of Things”, which turns an otherwise regular apartment into a “smart apartment”. Also, the ability to have a better cellular signal and faster internet connections are focal points for apartment shoppers. Even apartment community offices are becoming more high-tech with SMS messaging to residents and shoppers, as well as a variety of amenities. One popular amenity is package arrival notifications so residents know when their items from Amazon (or other sources) arrive to the community office or mailroom. Another great tech feature is interactive virtual fitness centers that allow you to work out with people from around the world. Whatever your tech desire, the chances are your next apartment community has just what you are looking for.

Final Round Selections – Lifestyle

Today’s apartment communities are much more than just a series of stacked boxes where people live. They are centers of culture and each one offers a unique lifestyle. And this is one of the most underappreciated factors of apartment life.  You can live close to your friends and close to your family. You also have plenty of options for social entertainment that is included as part of your rent. Many people even find new friends, new loves and new adventures because of the opportunities provided to them thanks to living the apartment lifestyle.

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