Find An Apartment That Is Handicapped-Accessible

Person sitting in wheelchair, one hand on wheelEveryone cringes at the thought of the process you have to go through to find an apartment.  The amount of information available can range from scarce to excessive, depending on the apartment in question. The woes of this process can be exacerbated by the added need to find an apartment that is handicapped-accessible.  Below are some ways to find an apartment with a little less stress.

Know Your Rights

As you search to find an apartment, make sure you know what a handicapped individual is entitled to as a customer or potential tenant.  For example, apartment landlords can never:

  • Refuse to rent to you
  • Refuse to negotiate with you
  • Deliberately make housing unavailable
  • Set different terms, conditions or privileges for renting the apartment
  • Falsely deny that an apartment is available for rent

More information about the rights you have while you find an apartment can be found at the Department of Housing and Urban Development website, particularly in the section regarding fair housing laws.

Know Your Needs

When talking to potential renters, it is important to find an apartment that will accommodate your needs.  Makes sure you find an apartment that has things like:

  • A roll-in or walk-in shower
  • Wide doors
  • An appropriately-sized elevator
  • A landlord who will allow you to make modifications to the apartment as needed
  • Walls that are sufficiently reinforced, if you will need to install grab bars

It is also important to ask the right questions in order to find an apartment in a suitable location.  Take into account what the surrounding community is like.  What kinds of services are in the area?  What kinds of businesses are nearby?  Are these handicap-accessible as well? Also, as you find an apartment, it will help to look especially for buildings that are more newly-constructed.  These types of buildings are more likely to comply with the Fair Housing Act.  (In many places, unfortunately, a fair number older apartments still violate the terms of this law.)

While You Find An Apartment

Services like can cut down on the frustration you might otherwise experience trying to find an apartment on your own.  In order to simplify the already chaotic moving process, take advantage of services like Apartment Moving Center, which can offer plenty of relocation services.  During your search to find an apartment, we can provide a free credit score check, set up and conduct housing tours, and locate storage facilities.

Moving After You Find an Apartment

Use a handy moving checklist to ensure that everything gets done before, during and after your move.  Ensure that everything is complete, from getting written estimates from moving companies to picking up a change-of-address kit from your local Post Office.  It might even help to add some handicap-specific needs to your list.

All Moved In!

Once you find an apartment you want and have made your move, we can assist with important steps such as renting furniture, purchasing furniture, and connecting utilities.   Plus, if you find an apartment using our tools, let us know by reporting your lease, and you can earn up to $200 using our Renters Rewards program.