Taking a Tour? Watch for 3 Types of Model Apartments

Full length rear view of an affectionate couple looking out of window in empty apartmentCongratulations. You’ve been searching for an apartment to rent on ApartmentSearch and discovered three communities that have everything you are looking for. They are all in the same area and generally have the same price and basic amenities. Now, the time has come to tour each and make your final selection. During your apartment tour, each leasing team will take you through a model apartment, one that’s meant to put their best foot forward and help you see that their community is the superior choice. But, not all apartment communities are created equal. and neither are their apartment models. These are the 3 types of apartment models you are likely to encounter.

The Great Empty
Many times, the apartment that you are looking to move into is still occupied by the previous renters who still have a few days left on their lease. Since they have not left yet, you have to see a different apartment to get the basic idea of what yours will look like. In an empty apartment, you get to see the basic layout of the place and some of the interior amenities that you will be able to enjoy. But what about your furniture? How is it going to fit within this space? It is nice to see a unit similar to yours, but nothing beats a representation of the lifestyle you can lead while living there.

Welcome to the Museum
Other models simply “wow” you when you walk in. Tantalizing all of your senses once inside, this model is made to impress — and impress it surely does. Each room has been carefully thought out and shaped by an interior designer. The place looks like it’s right out of a Pottery Barn catalog! And therein lies the challenge. Does anyone else at this apartment community live like this? You are almost scared to touch anything with how nice it all is. Sure, it is great to see the potential of your future apartment, but a “museum” isn’t a true representation of what life in this apartment community is really like.

Just Your Average Digs
When you walk in, you are treated to the smell of…cookies. Chocolate chip, to be exact. The furniture, freshly delivered from CORT, matches your expectations for what you would be spending on rent. Everything is laid out so you can see just how your apartment most likely will look once you move your things in. There is art on the walls and maybe even a rug on the floor. It is warm and inviting, and it makes you feel right at home. It is not glamorous, but it doesn’t have to be. It makes you want to sign a new lease and move right in. This will do nicely.

Of course, first you have to determine the potential apartment community you would like to live at before you can tour an apartment model. There is no better place to start the search than at www.apartmentsearch.com. Discover the most comprehensive listing of apartments for rent across the nation, sorted by the factors that matter most to you. And, when you tell your leasing agent you heard about them using ApartmentSearch, you could even be eligible for up to $200 in rewards. Visit us today and discover your next great apartment home.