Tips For Finding Accessible Apartments

Young Man In WheelchairAccording to the 2010 U.S. Census, 19 percent of the American population had a disability, which means approximately 56.7 million people require special living arrangements. Finding the right apartment is hard enough. If you have a physical disability, locating an accessible apartment community that is affordable can be even more challenging. From wide hallways to low electrical outlets and countertops, accessible apartments feature a number of amenities that allow for more comfortable living.

If you’re looking to find an accessible apartment, keep these tips in mind:

• Understand what types of disabilities qualify for the Fair Housing Act. By knowing who is protected under the FHA, you are better able to detect any discrimination you might face.
• Become familiar with disabled renters’ rights. Landlords are required to treat you the same as any other renter.
• Know what types of amenities you require. Will your apartment need to be wheelchair accessible? Do you require handicapped parking? Should your bathroom have a roll-in shower?
• Request accommodations when necessary. The FHA requires landlords to grant “reasonable accommodations,” such as allowing a guide dog when there is a “no pet policy.”
• Keep in mind that newer apartment buildings (built after 1990) are likely to have more accessible amenities. These complexes were constructed after the Americans With Disabilities Act was implemented, which established accessibility design standards for buildings.

How to Find an Accessible Apartment with ApartmentSearch

If finding an accessible apartment seems like too daunting a task, then using an apartment locator site like ApartmentSearch could be the right option for you. Here at ApartmentSearch, our online tool allows for advanced searches on apartments so that you can narrow down necessary, accessible amenities such as elevators, roll-in showers, and wheelchair accessible floor plans. You even have the option to look at only senior apartment communities.

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