Top Apartment-Finding Tips for College Students

Finding Apartment OnlineAs you enter your final years of college or are returning for your post-graduate degree, the things you seek in an apartment have changed. The trappings of quad-style student housing living, overflowing with excited freshmen and sophomores – along with the parties and noise they produce – have been replaced with the desire to lead a quieter, more focused life. For you and your family members or roommates, there are numerous off-campus apartments that could be a perfect fit for you. But how do you choose the one that is right for you?

Location, Location, Location

Your last apartment had the advantage of being right in the middle of all the action at your college campus. However, just because you are moving to a new apartment off campus, does not mean that the places you need to go should be inconvenient. When searching for your new apartment, determine the walking or biking distance to the places you need to go on campus. Check the bus route, since this will likely provide another fast, affordable way to travel to campus. Since proximity to your job may also be a concern, be sure to calculate the distance and travel time from your prospective new apartment to work.

The Quiet Life is Not Always So Quiet

As you seek your new apartment, be sure to read the reviews to see what others have said about the apartment community – particularly about the noise level from neighbors. You want to ensure that you will have a reduced noise level and distractions, not feel like you are living back in the dorm. Before you choose your new apartment, be sure to visit your potential property during off hours, such as nighttime and early morning, to see what the residents living there experience on a daily basis. Visiting during peak drive-time hours is also important. It will give you the chance to see how easy it is to get out of the community in the morning and return home from school or work in the evening.

Technology is Vital to Your Success

As you enter the home stretch for your degree program, the technology available at your apartment community becomes more essential. Many hours will be devoted to late-night studying and networking with fellow classmates. Plus, you need an excellent internet connection to produce those thesis papers, reports and final projects. It is important to ensure the apartment community you choose has enough wi-fi and cell signal strength to support your needs.

Don’t Forget Fun and Community

Just because you have moved into an apartment community that is not considered student housing does not mean you should not have the lifestyle you want! The property you select should still offer a variety of social events and other gatherings to help you continue to have that feeling of community. Ask your prospective aparment’s leasing team about the lifestyle that is shared by the people who live there and the type of activities they enjoy, both at the community and in the surrounding area.

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