What to Bring When Moving to a Furnished Apartment

Young hip couple moving into new furnished apartment, playing in boxesThere’s no question that renting a furnished apartment can save you major hassle, but if you’ve never rented a furnished apartment you may have some questions. For example, what do you actually need to bring? Will there be a shower curtain? Silverware? Lightbulbs? Your answer will depend on your specific furniture rental package and preferences, but we can help guide you with some general tips for things to pack and things to sell or leave behind.

Things to sell or leave behind…

If you are moving into an apartment that is fully furnished, you have the major perk of not needing to bring any of your current furniture. In other words, there’s no need to lug a heavy armoire up and down the stairs or hire movers – hallelujah! You’re free to ditch the big things, like couches, tables, beds, and so on.

To figure out what else you can bid farewell to, read the furniture rental package very carefully and ask the right questions. You certainly don’t want to throw something out only to discover there isn’t one in the new place! With CORT, you select exactly what you need or want, and you’ll also know exactly what to expect. You can rent packages to furnish an entire home or a single room, and you can even rent solitary pieces!

Things to bring…

Again, figuring out what you need to bring to your new furnished apartment will depend a lot on the exact apartment or furniture package you’ve chosen. In general, you can count on a furnished apartment to have the big pieces and you should plan on bringing the little things. For example, a furnished kitchen likely has a table, chairs, and often even appliances, but you should plan on bringing things like silverware, placemats, and pots and pans. Your furnished bedroom has a bed, but you’ll want to bring your own sheets, blankets, and pillows.

What happens if you don’t want to bring the little things or if you don’t have them in the first place? With CORT, you can move into a new space with nothing but some clothing (and maybe a few pictures of your loved ones!). CORT offers housewares packages that contain the most essential items for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, like bedspreads, cutlery, kitchen appliances, towels, and even phones and alarm clocks! You can truly move into an empty house and rent everything that it takes to make it a home.

With ApartmentSearch and CORT furniture rental on your side, pretty much any apartment can be a furnished apartment, even the one you’re living in right now! Learn more about CORT’s many flexible furniture rental packages and stress less on your next move. You can rent everything from forks to picture frames, and then leave them behind when your next adventure calls!