How to Move Successfully During Winter

Car During WinterMoving during winter months can seem like a pretty daunting task. Between snowstorms, hazardous driving conditions and slippery walkways, there are a lot of things to consider when you add freezing temperatures that moving checklist. If you are moving into or out of an apartment, it’s likely stairs will be involved, which increases the hassle and potential risks of moving in cold weather. Here are a few winter weather tips to making your next move a successful one:

Hire Movers (if you can)

Few people know that moving companies are usually cheaper during the winter season than the summer. By allowing the professionals to pack, transport and unload your possessions, you can reduce frustration and struggle of doing it yourself. Plus, using movers can decrease the amount of time your belongings spend outside in the freezing temperatures.

Turn On Your Heat

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at your place and it’s already warm and bright? Before you move into your new apartment, make sure to check in with your electricity and/or utilities provider. Call ahead a few days in advance to set up accounts and get your utilities turned on before you move. This way, you ensure your new home is cozy for you by the time you get there.

Pack Smart

One of the most important aspects of moving during winter is knowing what can be loaded into the moving truck and what you should carry in your car. A number of household items should not be subjected to harsher temperatures or moisture, which means being cognizant of where you pack things. Items such as televisions, small electronics (i.e. laptops, MP3 players, etc.) and even wood furniture can crack or become damaged during a cold moving truck ride.

Plan Ahead

Moving requires a lot of forethought already, but moving in the winter may need a little more attention. If you live, or are going to live, in a place with harsher conditions, be prepared in case the unexpected happens. Have extra shovels and bags of salt or sand in preparation of icy or snow covered walkways. You should also keep extra clothes, hats and blankets in your car to keep you and your movers warm.

Winter moving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to an easier move. For more tips on moving apartments, visit our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!