Maid Services Clean Apartments, Help You Keep Your Security Deposit

a colorful variety of cleaning suppliesMoving out of apartments can be a real hassle. One good way of reducing your stress while changing apartments, especially if you’re about to make a big move, is to hire a maid or cleaning service. You may think cleaning apartments is easy and not worth the extra expense, but there are a number of reasons to seriously consider the idea.

Maids are trained cleaners. They know the best products to use to safely and efficiently cleanse each type of surface in apartments. They also will have all of the cleaning products necessary for a variety of jobs around apartments. This means you won’t be forced to stop halfway through your scrubbing session to pick up oven cleaner or a window squeegee. Plus, that’s less for you to pack up and move to your new place.  Another benefit of professional cleaners is that they are thorough. They know the best scouring techniques and since they’re used to cleaning apartments, won’t overlook easily forgotten places like behind the toilet or under the refrigerator. That means you’re more likely to get back your full security deposit.

Finding a good maid service isn’t very difficult. The best place to start is by asking your landlord if she has any preferred cleaners for her apartments. Going with your landlord’s recommendation means she will be more likely to be satisfied with the work and to refund your full deposit. You can also search online to find cleaning services with the best prices and highest recommendations from others in apartments.

Be sure to provide a copy of your apartment’s move-out instructions to the cleaning service so they know exactly what to focus on. And don’t forget that maid services can’t do everything necessary to ready apartments for move out. Many landlords require their apartments’ carpets to be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. You’re also responsible for removing all items from your apartments and properly disposing of them. Leaving an unwanted couch in the living room or out on the curb will often result in the loss of part of your security deposit.

We can help make moving a little easier too. Check out our moving checklist for more tips or use to find an apartment in your new city.