Moving Checklist for Packing Fragile Items

Young couple carrying big cardboard box at new home.Moving house.Breakable items are always one of the biggest challenges on a moving checklist. You want to make sure your china, crystal, and other treasured belongings arrive intact. Never fear: You can do it. It just takes some planning, time, and care. Our moving checklist can help.

Get the goods. The first step of your moving checklist should be to get the right materials. You’ll need bubble wrap, packing peanuts, craft paper or newsprint, and sturdy boxes as well as tape and a marker.

Pack housewares. Gather your dishes, glasses, and decorative items as the next step on your moving checklist. To start, put a cushioning layer of peanuts or bubble wrap in the bottom of the box. Place large or heavy items such as serving bowls in first; lighter items go on top. Wrap each item in paper or bubble wrap. Don’t pack boxes too tightly. Fill any empty spaces with peanuts.

Pack framed art and mirrors. Next on your moving checklist, use masking tape to make an X across the glass on each picture and mirror. This will help keep glass from shifting and breaking.Use bubble wrap to wrap frames, and tape securely.

Pack fragile lamps and lampshades. This step of a moving checklist can pose a challenge. First, remove lightbulbs and lampshades. Wrap lamp bases in bubble wrap and pack them in boxes if possible. Place lampshades in individual boxes with enough packing materials to prevent them from being jarred.

Label everything. As the last step on your moving checklist, take the time to clearly mark all boxes “Fragile” or “Glass.” Also write which room each belongs in. This will save time when you arrive at your new home.

Now that you have a moving checklist for your fragile items, maybe it’s time to find that new apartment you want. We can help you locate great Seattle apartments, Dallas apartments, Phoenix apartments, and Austin apartments. Then you just have to pack and go!