Moving for Cheap: 4 Tips for Students Moving Apartments on a Budget

ApartmentSearch_Guy-MovingMoving to a new college apartment? Time to buy sheets upon sheets of bubble wrap, box up the dishes, get a dog sitter, and contact a moving company…right?

Slow down! Ideally, that list sounds great on paper, but for a college student, moving apartments can get expensive pretty quickly. Here are some tips for moving apartments that will keep your college bank account intact!

Get Your Boxes for Free

If you’re smart about it, you won’t have to pay for any of your moving boxes. Instead, grab some free moving boxes at your local liquor store or grocery store. Liquor stores have well-constructed boxes that are great for packing. Some of the boxes already have bottle holder compartments, which are great for holding your own drinking glasses. The grocery store is another great place to get boxes. The deli section, in particular, is bound to have a surplus of boxes.

Sell Your Furniture and Move On

That oversized sofa may have been a great buy at the time, but once the move begins, it won’t fit in your pal’s pickup truck. If you have furniture that won’t move with you, sell it. Not only do you get rid of your furniture that won’t fit, but you get more cash that can go towards new furniture or other expenditures for your new apartment. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to sell your furniture pieces.

Shop Around for Rental Trucks

Look around for rental truck deals online before you make a decision about renting a truck. Don’t fall victim to bad rental truck companies that advertise extremely low prices. By the time you finish adding up all the options and miscellaneous expenses, that extremely low price will probably be much higher. Do the math and it will save you a lot of money in the end.

Also if you plan on using a “pay by the mile” plan, make sure you document the odometer before and after your move. Some rental trucks may accidentally charge you incorrectly for the miles you have actually driven.

Pizza is a Currency When Asking Friends to Help

If you’re low on funds, face it: family and friends are the best resources when moving into a student apartment. The traditional payment for moving help is usually pizza, but if it’s been a particularly rough move, consider shelling out some cash.

After all, your friends have to pay to move their stuff into their apartments just like you do. Nonetheless, there is nothing like having all your boxes in your new apartment and a couple of fresh hot boxes of pizza. Order them ahead of time, unpack your plates, and enjoy a well-earned slice after a hard day’s work.

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