How To Decorate With A New Roommate

Roommates DecoratingWith new roommates come new furniture, decorations, and usually, a different idea of how they want to decorate your new 2 bedroom apartment. Whether it’s your best friend or strictly a roommate relationship, everyone has different taste. Having trouble syncing up your feng shui? Here are some tips to get your shared space looking and feeling homey and still “you.”

1. No Family Photos
Unless you and your roommate are on that level, don’t put your little cousin’s kindergarten graduation photo on the fridge. Pictures of you and your friends or family might make things uncomfortable for your roommate, too. Keep those in your room.

2. No Posters, Probably
Your roommate might be a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, but that doesn’t mean you need a giant Pulp Fiction poster in your living room. Before you or your roommate get hang-up happy, suggest making a neutral vibe that will satisfy both of your tastes, not necessarily interests. But, if you both have a One Direction guilty pleasure, by all means display Harry for both of you to enjoy.

3. Don’t Fight Over Furniture
Say you both have a couch you can’t part with, and both can’t fit in the living room. Cover pros and cons for each piece and make practical compromises. If your roommate wins the couch, then you get the choice of bar stools or your favorite lounge chair. If you’re looking to rent or buy furniture together, check out CORT furniture’s student options for inexpensive options of all types.

4. Try Decorative Projects Together
What’s a better way to bond with your new roomie than a little arts and crafts? Brainstorm some color schemes, common themes or fun ideas to add some pizzazz to your place that create a pleasant environment that you and your roommate agree on.

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