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Colorful English patio area with planters and iron bench.With winter on the horizon, anxiety can arise for apartment dwellers who choose to maintain outdoor plants. All it takes is one particularly strong freeze, and several plants can be gone overnight. However, there are a few precautions you can take so you won’t have to start over in the spring.

 1. Insulate in the Evening

A common trick for potted plants is to wrap them in various materials overnight so that the roots don’t freeze. You can use blankets, sheets, styrofoam, or tarps. It’s important to note that the insulation should be wrapped around the pot, not the actual plant, since keeping the roots alive is most important. Another way to keep the plant itself healthy is by installing poles around the plant, wrapping plastic around the poles, and then filling the space with insulative material. This creates a kind of nest around the plant to keep it warmer. Make sure to take the covering off of your plants during the day so they can get sunlight, and then repeat the process as needed.

Watering plantsBringing plants into your space is a great way to liven up your one bedroom apartment, but not everyone is born with a green thumb; we’re speaking from experience here! To avoid future indoor gardening mishaps, we’ve compiled the top 5 tips you need to keep plants thriving in any indoor climate.

Set a Watering Schedule

If you’re like us, watering your plants has been somewhat of an afterthought. And by the time you remember to water, your plant might be looking a little worse for the wear. Set a watering schedule based on your plants watering needs (add a standing appointment to your calendar) and you’ll be better prepared to tend to your plant on a more regular basis.