houseplantsHouseplants Can Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

You’ve heard of going green, but what about including a little green in your apartment? Houseplants can up the comfort factor in your apartment while also complementing your decor with some extra color and texture.

Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences with plants in the past. Wilted flowers, brown leaves, a gnat infestation — any of that bring back bad memories? Or maybe the whole taking-care-of-houseplants thing just sounds like a pain and you’ve never tried it. That’s understandable, since there are countless types of plants that each require different levels of sunlight and water. One dead plant can be pretty disappointing; several can lead you to think you’re cursed with the dreaded houseplant “black thumb.”

But we’ve come up with some suggestions for houseplants that you’ll find easy to take care of and that require minimal maintenance. Hard to kill and easy to enjoy, these houseplants are perfect for apartment living.

Our Houseplant Suggestions

Snake plant. No, this plant won’t attract a bunch of snakes into your apartment. We’re guessing it gets its name from its appearance — large, long, skinny green and yellowish leaves. Incredibly easy to take care of, the snake plant requires very little light and is resistant to insects. The only thing you have to be careful of is that you don’t water it too much, as it can result in root rot.

Succulents and cacti. You’ll want to make sure you keep your succulents and cacti in a place where they’ll get plenty of sun. They don’t require a lot of water, and there are a ton of varieties to choose from.

Ficus. Requiring semi-shade, a ficus is another easy-to-take-care-of houseplant.

Spathiphylium. Also known as “peace lily,” the spathiphylium features dark green glossy leaves and white waxy blooms. A great indoor houseplant, the spathiphylium does well as long as its soil isn’t allowed to dry out.

Try one of these houseplants in your apartment – houseplants are inexpensive ways of brightening your apartment space and freshening the air you breathe. And if you’re trying to find apartment renovation pointers, try our guide to decorating your apartment!