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Woman with red fingernails, signing paperwork to renew her apartment leaseFor some apartment renters, it is a day of much anxiety. You arrive back to your apartment to the note that your lease will soon expire and you must decide whether to stay or go. Many renters are seeing rate increases included as part of the new rental agreement. This may leave you asking: Is it time to move on or should I renew my lease? Here are some things to consider…

Cozy apartment kitchen with flowers and plates displayedHunting for the perfect apartment is exhausting, and it can get a little… repetitive. Every apartment claims to be amazing, but which ones actually are? “Vintage charm” can mean outdated, broken down appliances, while “ultra modern” can mean sterile and cold. It can be hard to read between the lines! However, knowing the difference between key bits of lingo can help you narrow down the field and decide which apartment is best for you. Let’s go over the difference between two important words, kitchen and kitchenette, and learn the pros and cons of each!

Woman sitting on floor of her apartment with laptop on stack of cardboard boxes, as she considers moving to a new apartmentLets face it. Right now, some of you despise the apartment you currently live in. In fact, you’re counting down the days until your lease term is up so you make your grand exit. Adding to your frustration, a brand new apartment community just opened up on the other side of town and they’re advertising one month of free rent. Not to mention, you have not had a response to the work order you submitted two days ago asking maintenance to fix the leaky faucet. All of these things add up to your much-celebrated exit from life at your current community. But wait — there might be more to the story than meets the eye. Is the grass going to be greener on the other side of town, or are you off to a new community with the same story as before? Consider these things before you start searching for your next apartment home.