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Chicago Subway SignChicagoans know that there’s much more to the Windy City than just Millennium Park and Navy Pier. Chicago reaches miles and miles beyond the historic downtown – there are an estimated 200 neighborhoods in the area, with 77 “community areas” defined by the University of Chicago Social Science Research Committee, all with a distinctive culture and essence. Here are a few that you shouldn’t let slip under your radar if you’re hunting for Chicago apartments and trying to find that perfect neighborhood.

Old Town

The Old Town neighborhood lies in the Near North Side community area, on Lake Michigan and just north of the business district and downtown. Because of its ideal location and popular shopping and dining destinations, the area is known for its extreme affluence. Huge, historical houses are sometimes turned into a cooperative-style living situation, however, if you’re looking for a unique style of living. Otherwise, the area makes a great visiting destination for a day to shop, eat and see the beautiful historical buildings and modern masterpieces alike.

ApartmentSearch_ChicagoIf you just moved to Chicago, then you probably have seen or heard of the quintessential tourist places to visit (like Wrigley Field or Millennium Park). Once you’re settled into your new Chicago apartment, it’s time to venture out and find your own beloved local treasures. You probably won’t find any tourists here, but these 5 spots will be your favorite local hangouts.

My Pie

Obviously, no Chicago list is complete without a deep-dish pizza restaurant and there are plenty to choose from. My Pie, our go-to, local pizza establishment, ranks on a lot of Chicagoans favorite pizza places. And what’s not to love? The homemade sauces and fresh ingredients are lip-smacking good. Don’t worry if you don’t like deep-dish pizza, My Pie has delicious thin crust options too!