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Group of diverse sports fans tailgating in stadium parking lot before football game, dressed in blue game gearAs is yearly tradition, 2017 ended with a flurry of collegiate bowl games. As football teams met on the field to establish superiority, two teams emerged with the opportunity to be seen as the best in the nation. However, many fans (especially those living in the following towns) have already been vocal about which of their two towns rule. From student athletes to student housing residents, to the people who just love to live there, they say life in their city is the best. So who will win the bragging rights after this year’s NCAA Football Championship?

Hopeful smiling college graduate, looking forward to her first jobIt has finally arrived. After years of classes, courses, seminars, and a myriad of ups and downs, you have finally succeeded! Graduation is finally here! And, as you prepare to depart from your student housing apartment, you gaze ahead at the various paths that lay before you. New job opportunities could take you to your next home, or maybe to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains! In any case, most of you will be departing the life you have known and will be venturing to a new city. These are the best cities for the graduating class of 2016.