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Group of young friends watching football game in living roomIt didn’t take long after the conference title games for residents of both cities heading to the football championship to start arguing over which city is better. For Boston, this is just “once more unto the breach,” whereas for Atlanta, this is only the second time they’re competing in the final NFL game of the season (last time was in 1999, but they were defeated by Denver). Both are proud cities with storied traditions of sports and apartment-style living. So which city will bring home the trophy?

Tailgating Football FansThe NFL football season is back and sports fans around the country are celebrating the return to action of their favorite teams and players. When you move into an apartment, you also join a team. A team composed of neighbors as well as the employees that manage your apartment community. As a member of this team, you receive many benefits and lifestyle perks that make every day a victory.


In recent months, exaggerated reports plague the news that living in a house is more affordable than apartment living. These examples are only true in five percent of U.S. markets where the population is living in densely-populated urban cores. Examples of this include San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. In the other 95 percent of housing markets, the apartment lifestyle remains the most affordable option, which takes more into account than mortgage versus rent. The unforeseen maintenance costs and increased utility expenses cost home owners thousands of dollars per year over what renters pay.