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Two angry friends after a quarrel sitting on a couch and looking at the other sideWe’ve all heard the cliche poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and my roommate is not.” Wait, that’s not how it goes?! While love is in the air for most on Valentine’s Day, if you’ve got a bad roommate, we’re guessing that the air is heavy with sighs of frustration. Never fear though – here are some tips on dealing with a roomie that you can’t stand.

ApartmentSearch_Roommate-CodeIf you’ve ever shared in a 2-bedroom apartment, you know the roommate life can be rough. Dishes, turning off lights, or noisy late nights – whatever the little things are that irk you, don’t let it ruin your living situation. Here are some guidelines that all roommates should follow but might go without saying.

Share Chores Equally

You can try as hard as you want to keep your apartment dwelling separate, but you can’t avoid sweeping the kitchen floor. If your roommate is a little less tidy than you are, there are ways to communicate what’s important to you to keep fair. Putting a list of divvied-up to-dos on the fridge can be an easy way to remind your roommate of things both of you needs to keep up with.