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Portrait of a handsome young man smiling and leaning on a chair while standing in his modern loft apartmentWill you only be in town for the summer?
Do you have a serious case of wanderlust?
Are you searching for a new job but unsure where it might be?
Is the thought of signing a long-term contract enough to get you pulling out the Pepto?

If so, you may want to think about renting with a month-to-month lease. If you’re not ready or able to commit to a fixed-term lease, the flexibility might be exactly what you need. Read on to learn more about why you may (or may not) want to think about a different form of leasing.

Rent due reminder on calendarMaybe your car broke down and your hard-earned savings went straight to the mechanic. Perhaps you didn’t get the hours you needed at work, and your paycheck was already lacking to begin with. Whatever the reason, sometimes life happens and you end up being late on rent. If you’re a few days behind on rent, read on to find out what to expect. More importantly, learn how you may be able to get your landlord to (hopefully) cut you a little slack.