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Four friends enjoying each other's company and laughing around tableIn the not so distant past, apartments were seen strictly as a refuge for people who could not afford a home. Blue collar workers in an urban corridor and college students were part of a small cross section of society that flocked to the apartment lifestyle. However, times have changed. Today, apartments provide more people than ever before a great place to call home. Everyone from business professionals, to downsizing baby boomers — every age and cross section of society are enjoying the benefits of apartment dwelling. And, while every segment of society is represented, renters — regardless of demographics — generally have these four personality traits in common.

Woman Holding Laundry BasketWhen you’re looking through the amenities for apartments to rent, you may notice that a unit includes “washer/dryer hook ups” or connections, rather than a shared laundry room. Now you have to make a tough decision: rent a washer and dryer, buy them, or go to the laundromat. If you’re not sure how to approach the issue, take a look at these tips first to help make an appliance choice that works best for you and your budget.

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