4 Apartment Dweller Personality Types

Four friends enjoying each other's company and laughing around tableIn the not so distant past, apartments were seen strictly as a refuge for people who could not afford a home. Blue collar workers in an urban corridor and college students were part of a small cross section of society that flocked to the apartment lifestyle. However, times have changed. Today, apartments provide more people than ever before a great place to call home. Everyone from business professionals, to downsizing baby boomers — every age and cross section of society are enjoying the benefits of apartment dwelling. And, while every segment of society is represented, renters — regardless of demographics — generally have these four personality traits in common.

Which Apartment Personality Are You?

The Amenity Enthusiast

This group loves the apartment lifestyle above all else. They actively seek out their neighbors and participate in each and every community event. They are often here for the amenities and they stay on top of the latest and greatest apartment amenity trends. Why visit a public pool when your community has one? Why join a gym when your community has one? And, when amenities are not provided, you can bet these folks have found the best apartment in the best location. Why go anywhere else when this apartment community puts everything you could ask for at your fingertips?

The On-the-Go Traveler

One of the great benefits of apartment living is flexibility. Whether driven by a choice of lifestyle or the necessities of business, this group often finds themselves in a new apartment every year or two. Rather than establishing deep roots in one spot, they take advantage of the ability to move wherever life (or business) might take them. They enjoy their time at each apartment, but they always look forward to the next place they will call home.

The Mindful Minimalist

There is a belief, especially from younger generations, that life is about the adventures you have — not the possessions you acquire. For them, smaller spaces are often better and space isn’t a condition for achieving apartment bliss. The growing trends of micro apartments and adult dorms are being driven by this group’s desire to find a comfortable yet inexpensive place to live. After all, for them, an apartment is just a place to lay their head at night while they await their next adventure.

The Family-Oriented Homebody

The most important thing an apartment has to offer is home. Busy work schedules and active family lives can drive many to not seek all the bells and whistles that come with renting an apartment. They are busy at work, shuttling the kids to the next event, and leading a very full daily life. Other than the day rent is paid, they may never even interact with neighbors or property management staff. For them, the comfort of home is the top motivator. Space, tranquility and the joys of a fulfilling life among those they love is what they seek. For them, apartments are more than the sum of their parts, they are the place they call home.

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