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Four friends enjoying each other's company and laughing around tableIn the not so distant past, apartments were seen strictly as a refuge for people who could not afford a home. Blue collar workers in an urban corridor and college students were part of a small cross section of society that flocked to the apartment lifestyle. However, times have changed. Today, apartments provide more people than ever before a great place to call home. Everyone from business professionals, to downsizing baby boomers — every age and cross section of society are enjoying the benefits of apartment dwelling. And, while every segment of society is represented, renters — regardless of demographics — generally have these four personality traits in common.

Multi-generational family enjoying meal together at the dinner tableNot so long ago, the American dream centered around owning a home. Every kid had a vision of white picket fences near Main Street USA. But as our country has evolved, so too have those visions. Apartment living is now a dominate force. Once it was considered to be only an option for those who could not afford a home of their own, but now apartments are the preferred choice for over 38 million people in the United States. The people calling apartments “home” are incredibly diverse, made up of every conceivable family grouping, coming from social and economic backgrounds of all kinds, and working in a variety of industries.