Diversity & the Apartment Living Experience

Multi-generational family enjoying meal together at the dinner tableNot so long ago, the American dream centered around owning a home. Every kid had a vision of white picket fences near Main Street USA. But as our country has evolved, so too have those visions. Apartment living is now a dominate force. Once it was considered to be only an option for those who could not afford a home of their own, but now apartments are the preferred choice for over 38 million people in the United States. The people calling apartments “home” are incredibly diverse, made up of every conceivable family grouping, coming from social and economic backgrounds of all kinds, and working in a variety of industries.

Apartments Suit Today’s Changing Family Dynamic

Apartments fulfill the needs of today’s modern family dynamic. Beginning with the on or near-campus housing that today’s college students enjoy, the benefits of apartment living become apparent. Single individuals make up nearly half of the apartment living landscape. Often less about affordability, they are choosing their apartment based on location and lifestyle. As families are formed, apartment living is flexible enough to adapt along with the changing landscape of the family make up. As new generations emerge, they too will discover the benefits apartments can offer.

Apartment Living Supports All Budgets

You might be surprised to discover the multiplicity of jobs that are supported with workers and professionals living in apartments. Less than half a century ago, apartment living was thought of as strictly a refuge for the blue collar worker. But today, executives earning over six figure annual incomes also seek out the benefits of the apartment rental lifestyle. Everyone from a fast food worker to a tech company director can find the apartment that is right for their lifestyle and budget. Even those retiring from the workforce often seek apartment living to help manage the lifestyle priorities that come with downsizing.

Best of All? You Can Rent Near Family & Friends!

But the number one factor that drives people to apartments is living near the people they hold dear. You can often find many familial generations living within one apartment community. People want to live near friends and family and apartments give you the flexibility of location to pursue these choices. And oftentimes, more friends are created during one’s time living there. Apartment living joins us and binds us together. We are becoming a nation of renters. No matter why you rent an apartment or where you rent an apartment, renting can be smart choice for a wide range of individuals and families across all income levels. That’s why a diverse array of people call apartments home.

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