February 2017

Young couple Moving in new home.Sitting on floor and relaxing after cleaning and unpacking.Your relationship has gotten serious! With hearts in your eyes and butterflies in your belly, you’ve decided to move in together. Now, you’re ready to tackle your first cohabitation challenge: apartment hunting. This process can quickly move from exciting to stressful if you let it. Here’s how to navigate the tricky waters of apartment hunting with your significant other so you can begin your journey as roommates on a loving (and peaceful) note!

Close Up Of Woman Carrying Sofa Into New Home On Moving DayLife is a crazy ride. You may think you have your five-year plan written in stone, or you might not even have a five-month plan worked out. Regardless of where you stand, you will always need a roof over your head. So, when is it best to buy furniture to fill your apartment, and when is it best to rent an apartment that’s already furnished? Let’s look at the different situations you may find yourself in and consider whether buying or renting is the smarter option.

Hollywood black and white, a beautiful acting woman and a clapboard - minimal lighting and strong contrastOver the past few years, the motion picture industry has gone through a dynamic shift in how they portray characters on the big screen. Part of this transformation embraces the current narrative of how our society has evolved. During the Golden Age of cinema, movies portrayed common people in a completely different light. Movies were – for lack of a better term – glamorous. The people portrayed were who we wanted to be, rather than who we could identify with. The roles idealized the dreams that society held. Especially during bleak times like the Great Depression and WWII, society turned to cinema to find who or what they aspired to become. And the places that these characters called home were a direct reflection of both where people wanted to live and where the American dream would evolve.

Portrait of a handsome young man smiling and leaning on a chair while standing in his modern loft apartmentWill you only be in town for the summer?
Do you have a serious case of wanderlust?
Are you searching for a new job but unsure where it might be?
Is the thought of signing a long-term contract enough to get you pulling out the Pepto?

If so, you may want to think about renting with a month-to-month lease. If you’re not ready or able to commit to a fixed-term lease, the flexibility might be exactly what you need. Read on to learn more about why you may (or may not) want to think about a different form of leasing.

Sand clock on black background, as time slips awayTime. It’s both a friend and an enemy. The passage of time can put an immense amount of stress on some and create moments of awe in others. We are obsessed with time. We undertake endless quests to carve out more time in a day for both work and life. And, for the most part, we do not really miss it until it is already gone. But there are ways you can take back some of your precious time, and apartment living can be one of those methods. Here are a few ways that apartment living can lead to more time savings. How much time you ask? Well, it can add up to quite a lot!

Rent due reminder on calendarMaybe your car broke down and your hard-earned savings went straight to the mechanic. Perhaps you didn’t get the hours you needed at work, and your paycheck was already lacking to begin with. Whatever the reason, sometimes life happens and you end up being late on rent. If you’re a few days behind on rent, read on to find out what to expect. More importantly, learn how you may be able to get your landlord to (hopefully) cut you a little slack.

Two angry friends after a quarrel sitting on a couch and looking at the other sideWe’ve all heard the cliche poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and my roommate is not.” Wait, that’s not how it goes?! While love is in the air for most on Valentine’s Day, if you’ve got a bad roommate, we’re guessing that the air is heavy with sighs of frustration. Never fear though – here are some tips on dealing with a roomie that you can’t stand.

Young brown and black dog lies on a armchair at homeEvery February, New York City goes to the dogs. This year marks the 141st year of the Westminster Dog Show, which calls The Big Apple and Madison Square Garden home. Nearly 3,000 dogs will compete on February 13 and 14 for the coveted title of “Best in Show.” Among them are all sorts of breeds, sizes, personalities, and lifestyles. Some of the best dogs are even perfect for apartment dwellers. So, before you head out in search of a new furry roommate, here is a handy guide to some things you should know about dogs that call apartments home.

Group of young friends watching football game in living roomIt didn’t take long after the conference title games for residents of both cities heading to the football championship to start arguing over which city is better. For Boston, this is just “once more unto the breach,” whereas for Atlanta, this is only the second time they’re competing in the final NFL game of the season (last time was in 1999, but they were defeated by Denver). Both are proud cities with storied traditions of sports and apartment-style living. So which city will bring home the trophy?