A Look at Apartment Life with a Furry Roommate

Young brown and black dog lies on a armchair at homeEvery February, New York City goes to the dogs. This year marks the 141st year of the Westminster Dog Show, which calls The Big Apple and Madison Square Garden home. Nearly 3,000 dogs will compete on February 13 and 14 for the coveted title of “Best in Show.” Among them are all sorts of breeds, sizes, personalities, and lifestyles. Some of the best dogs are even perfect for apartment dwellers. So, before you head out in search of a new furry roommate, here is a handy guide to some things you should know about dogs that call apartments home.

Smaller is Not Always Better

The natural belief is that, since apartments offer limited space, a smaller dog would be happier living there. However, this is not always true. Certain small breeds – the Yorkie, for example – are very…talkative, and your neighbors could quickly become frustrated by the volume of K9 vocal gymnastics coming through the walls. Also, many smaller breeds struggle with house training (smaller dog, smaller bladder). Make sure that you look at your lifestyle and pick the dog that matches how often you are home with how much exercise and excitement the breed typically craves.

Some big dogs are great for apartments. First, find out the breed and size restrictions from your management office. If they allow large breeds and you’re in the mood for some giant-sized snuggles, Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds are gentle giants that typically lead docile lives. As long as you take them on a couple of walks per day, they can make great apartment companions. Just make sure you are prepared to be asked how much he or she eats and if the neighbor’s kid can ride them.

Dogs Are Apartment Renters Too

Everyone wants the best for their pup, and apartment communities are taking great strides to ensure that pets are thought of as renters, too. Complexes offer a whole host of dog-related amenities to ensure that both you and your pooch love living there. On and off-leash dog parks with doggie pools and obstacle courses are becoming more and more frequent in garden-style apartments across the U.S. Some high rises have dog walking circles on the roof and provide shuttles for you and your dog to head out for an afternoon in the park. Other luxury apartment communities even offer a 24-hour pet concierge to make sure that all your pet’s needs are taken care of when you are not at home. The next time you are looking for a new apartment, maybe ask your dog to help search online and find the apartment communities that they give four paws up to!

No Dogs Required

One of the next big trends in pet apartment perks does not require that you even have a pet. In fact, they provide the pet for you. Some communities have a “community dog” that is part of the on-site management team and will come to you when you need a little time with a four-legged friend. Just make sure you schedule your time far in advance since this amenity is extremely popular.

Settling Into Your New Place

If you think you are stressed when moving, imagine how “rough” it is on your pets. Dogs, in particular, are not pleased with interruptions to their routines. Your dog is especially tuned into your emotions, so try to remain as calm as possible. When you begin settling in, set up your new routine as quickly as possible. Make sure that all of their toys, blankets, beds, etc., are ready for them and they know where they are. Take your time introducing them around. Let them get to know their environment before they get to know the new people surrounding them. And don’t forget to update your tags and chip information to your new location.

Our pets are as close to us as kids. We care deeply for them and when we search out a new apartment, it is important to make sure it is right for us as well as them. The tools available to you for free on www.apartmentsearch.com can make finding that home fast and easy. And, when you tell your apartment community that you found them using ApartmentSearch, you could even earn up to $200 in rewards. That buys a lot of treats for both you and your dog!