When To Rent A Furnished Apartment & When to Buy Furniture

Close Up Of Woman Carrying Sofa Into New Home On Moving DayLife is a crazy ride. You may think you have your five-year plan written in stone, or you might not even have a five-month plan worked out. Regardless of where you stand, you will always need a roof over your head. So, when is it best to buy furniture to fill your apartment, and when is it best to rent an apartment that’s already furnished? Let’s look at the different situations you may find yourself in and consider whether buying or renting is the smarter option.

You’re moving for school.

Whether it’s undergrad, law school, medical school, or so on, the place you study is often a temporary stopping place on the way to your future career. Because your living situation is likely temporary, renting a furnished apartment can save you a ton of hassle. Furthermore, many students don’t have funds to spare for quality furniture! When you’re moving for school and you want to live comfortably, renting a furnished apartment is a great idea. Not only can you have the apartment of your dreams (with the furniture of your dreams), you only have to commit to it for the academic calendar!

You’re moving for a job.

If you’re relocating for an internship or a contract position, you probably have a predetermined start and end date. Purchasing furniture, only to pack it up and move it soon after, is an unnecessary hassle. Instead, rent a furnished apartment for the duration of your work!

If you’re moving for a job offer without an end date, renting a furnished apartment might still be your best bet. After all, this new city and position might be your permanent home sweet home, or it may be a just another rung on your career ladder. Until you’ve decided the job (and the city) is a keeper, minimize the commitment by renting a fully furnished home.

You’re moving to experience a new city.

If you have a serious case of wanderlust, you aren’t alone. There is a big world to see! If you’re moving to a new city or state to experience the locale without any big plans to stay forever, renting a furnished apartment is ideal. If you do end up falling in love with the city, you can re-evaluate. If your wanderlust keeps you moving, a team will pack up your rented furniture so you can be on to your next adventure, stress-free.

You’re moving ASAP.

One second you’re sitting on your couch filling out job applications and the next second you’re on the phone, accepting a job offer across the country. Oh, and you start Monday. Don’t add more to your plate by worrying about draining your bank account on an apartment’s worth of furniture and setting it all up at warp speed. Rent a furnished apartment and let the movers handle all of the setup so you can feel at home in a very short amount of time. Plus, you’ll be rested and ready to go for your first day of work on Monday.

In some situations, renting furniture is simply the best option. However, don’t cross your dream home off your list simply because it isn’t advertised as furnished. With ApartmentSearch.com, any apartment can be a furnished apartment! Simply select the apartment complex of your choice and scroll down to “Need it Furnished?” Then choose the furniture that works for you, and you’ll get an estimate instantly. Don’t make moving harder than it has to be – furnished apartments have never been easier to find!