Apartment Living Leads to Time Savings… Lots of Time, in Fact!

Sand clock on black background, as time slips awayTime. It’s both a friend and an enemy. The passage of time can put an immense amount of stress on some and create moments of awe in others. We are obsessed with time. We undertake endless quests to carve out more time in a day for both work and life. And, for the most part, we do not really miss it until it is already gone. But there are ways you can take back some of your precious time, and apartment living can be one of those methods. Here are a few ways that apartment living can lead to more time savings. How much time you ask? Well, it can add up to quite a lot!

Being a Homeowner Takes Up Too Much Time

In order to own and maintain a home, you have to spend time. The (usually) larger square footage tends to mean you’ll spend more time cleaning. Plus, if something breaks, you are the one who is going to spend time (and money) on repairs. If it’s something major (your roof or A/C, for example), the investment of both time and money can be severe. And if your home has a yard, that means time taking care of that space, too. Shoveling snow, cutting grass, planting, mowing, trimming…. all of these add up to an even larger time commitment.

Apartment dwellers have none of these concerns…zero. If something breaks, you call maintenance and someone comes to fix it at no additional cost to you. General building maintenance is also taken care of (as is grounds keeping and beautification). Those leading the apartment lifestyle get a huge return on time where all of this is concerned.

Estimated Savings:

  • Interior upkeep – 2 hours / week
  • Maintenance – .5 / week
  • Exterior upkeep – 3 hours / week
  • Total – 5.5 hours / week (11.9 days per year)

Location is Everything

Choosing a home is a huge commitment where time is concerned. Part of that commitment comes in the form of choosing to deal with more brake lights, stop lights, and disgruntled passengers. The daily commute to and from work for most people is a horrible pain, but what can you do? For public transportation, the rush to and from trains and buses is strenuous – even at the best of times. For drivers, the sounds of engines and horns blend into the background of a seemingly endless view of exhaust pipes. The average commute time for homeowners is on the rise as people flee the burdening costs of city life in favor of more affordability in the suburbs or more rural areas.

People who call apartments home have the flexibility to find a place closer to work. Even for those who live a distance from their jobs and rely on public transportation, they can find a place closer to the stations that get them to and from where they need to be faster. When you live closer to the things you love to do in your free time, a well-placed apartment can mean more fun and less commute time. Location is everything, and finding a closer apartment that saves precious minutes (or more) can amount to a great savings of both time and money.

Estimated Average Job Commute:

  • Average US (both ways) – 5 hours / week
  • Average US Big City like NYC (both ways) – 15 hours / week
  • Total time in transit per year – between 10.8 & 32 days per year
  • Apartment Saving – we estimate your time is cut in half

So How Do You Take The Next Step?

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